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Two men in front of Christmas tree

2023 MVP Winners

At our Christmas party, the awards for our SERVPRO Team McCabe MVPs were handed out! 


Ice can be beautiful, unless it is on the outside of your home. SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties was called out to a water loss that occurred during a span of single digits. The water had caused extensive damage to the inside of the home.

Hardwood Floor

This photo is just one example of what can happen to a water loss when hardwood floor is involved. Hardwood floor can be salvaged if the water loss is caught in time. Unfortunately, this home was a vacation home and was to late to save the flooring. Notice how the floor is coming apart.

As soon as water damage is discovered, contact SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties at (570)759-0966!

Frozen Pipe

This was the cause of a water damage to three floors of a home. This pipe to a baseboard heater, froze and burst. Thankfully the customer was home at the time. They were able to shut the water off, preventing more extensive damage. SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties performed the necessary extraction and placement of drying equipment. The customer was thrilled with our quick response!

Protecting Your Property

This is a view of containment that SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties has set up to protect a customers belongings. Containment is placed to prevent dust particles, mold spores, etc from contaminating other areas of your home or business.

SERVPRO - Unique Entry

SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties get to a job, even if it the only access is over a suspended bridge. This job was unique, in that we had to carry all materials and equipment over a bridge. SERVPRO will do what it takes to get the job done!

Mold Stalactite?

SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties was called in to check the basement of a commercial building for mold. Our crew found mold stalactites on this beam and other various locations.

If You See Signs of Mold, 
Call Us Today – (570) 759-0966

What Would You Do?

This flooded basement is the results of heavy rains. SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties was called in to perform extraction and drying. SERVPRO was able to remove the stress off the customer with the assistance our crew had provided.

Soot on Insulation

This was the aftermath of a furnace puff-back, which caused soot webs throughout the basement. SERVPRO removed all insulation due the insulation holding in the smoke odor and soot. This also helps to prevent future issues with possible re-sooting.

Remnants of an Extension Cord

This picture shows the remnants of an extension cord. The fire burned through the exterior step, melting the siding and caused soot to enter the home. SERVPRO was called in to perform a board up of the wall and to perform cleaning of the home.

Getting The Job Done

This is the aftermath of a furnace malfunction at a local church. SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties utilized scaffolding to clean the hard to reach areas. 

If you have a soot loss, Call SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties at 570-759-0966.

Mold In Basement

SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties was called in to a home for a mold issue. SERVPRO was able to remove the drywall and baseboard trim on this loss. The area was then hepa vacuumed and treated with an anti microbial. The customer was thrilled to be able to utilize the space in their basement again!

Just a Little Water?

SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties was called into help a local church from flooding. Our crew arrived to find several inches of standing water. We were able to pump the water out and place drying equipment. The church was thrilled that we arrived quickly.

Mold in Attic

This is an example of mold on the sheathing in the attic. SERVPRO was called in to remediate the area. The area was hepa vacuumed and treated with an anti-microbial.


This is an example of how SERVPRO "ducts" air from our dehumidifiers and air movers to aid in drying difficult to reach areas. We plastic off larger holes to seal the air in .


This was the aftermath of a sewage back up in Hazleton when we arrived at the home. The customer had damage to contents also. SERVPRO was able to clean and sanitize the area and removed the damaged contents for the customer.

Water Run Off

SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties had received a call from a local store that had taken on water  run off from their parking lot. SERVPRO extracted the standing water. The customer was thrilled we were able to handle his situation fast!

Hidden Mold

Mold that has established itself behind wallpaper is often overlooked until it gets bad enough to stain through the paper. By that time, the health and well-being of the homeowners may be compromised, and the wallboard behind the wallpaper may be damaged beyond repair. The only way SERVPRO is able to remove the mold is to first remove the wallpaper.

Slow Drip

Do you have a slow drip from your shower fixture? This slow drip can become a BIG problem.. This shower fixture started spraying water, which ran from the second floor bathroom down to the first floor living room...

Got Water?

In July 2016, our area had sustained damage from a microburst. This basement took on water from the heavy rains.

When your home has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. The water removal and water cleanup process is completed by our highly-trained technicians who will document the drying process. This validates that your property has been dried properly and thoroughly.

Negative Air Scrubber

This is an example of how SERVPRO would set up an air scrubber on a mold loss to negatively pressurize the basement. This helps to prevent mold from cross contamination of unaffected areas.

Moldy Curtains?

The mold on the room divider curtains is the result of excess moisture in a church basement. SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties was able to remediate the mold, which saved the church from having to purchase new curtains.

Why Should You Keep Doors Closed?

This picture reflects why you should keep doors closed to rooms... The side of the door to the hallway has extensive smoke damage. Our customer had kept this door shut, which is a nursery. This prevented damage to the room. SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan was able to clean this room to preloss conditions. The remaining rooms in the home had to be restored through drywall installation, painting, etc.


SERVPRO was called to a water loss in Benton, PA. Upon inspection, SERVPRO found that home was also a hoarding case. SERVPRO contacted the insurance with details and received permission to proceed. Crew was able to set dehumidifiers and air movers, but also had to pack out or discard the contents.

Every water disaster is different, from the amount of water to the level of contamination of the water. Each scenario requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same.

Have Water or Flood Damage?
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This mold is the aftermath of a long standing moisture issue in a home in Benton, PA. Mold actually comes in a variety of colors (black, green or even blue) and shapes. 


This was the aftermath of local flooding. After the water receded, the basement floor and contents were left with a thick coating of mud and muck. SERVPRO cleaned up the mud and dried out the structure to make it "Like it never even happened."

What is lurking in your walls? 

It only takes a small water leak, or even excess humidity, for mold to form in your Bloomsburg home or business. Then, mold can spread quickly through the property in as little as 48 hours. Mold can produce allergens and irritants, and it has the potential to cause other health effects. If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

SERVPRO Equipment

This is an example of just some of our equipment that SERVPRO uses. We have many different sizes and styles of air movers and dehumidifiers, which all serve a specific purpose. 

Desiccant Dehumidifer

When the temperatures are too cold in a property,  we are able to bring in our desiccant dehumidifier! This unit is able to be laid down, which is great for crawlspaces and attics.

Hardwood Floor Drying System

This is a view of our hardwood floor drying mat system. The mats allow us to draw moisture right through the surface of the floor, which in turn alleviates the need of removing the floor.


This is a view of a soot web! We have many customers apologize for their "spider" webs when we arrive onsite. We explain to them that they are soot webs...The soot webs are a sure sign that the smoke traveled into that room. When there are soot webs, we hepa vacuum the area prior to cleaning. We will then either wash and rinse the area or use a dry chemical sponge,  depending on if its a flat paint or gloss paint, to clean the affected areas to ensure that the homeowner will return to a safe and clean environment.

If you see these soot webs, call SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties at 570-759-0966.

Doing What It Takes

It is just another day for SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties! Our crew was responding to a flooded basement in Danville, PA.

SERVPRO doing what it takes to get the job DONE!

Result of Frozen Sprinkler

SERVPRO was called to a local school in Bloomsburg, PA to clean-up after a 
sprinkler system freeze up in multiple areas of the building. The water damage necessitated most of the children, pre-school age, to be picked up by their parents, so the work could progress. Wet carpet and hard floors were extracted, vinyl cove base removed, toys and furniture were moved to drier areas, air movers and dehumidifiers were placed. SERVPRO personnel worked around the plumbers, who were opening walls up to find leaks and also worked around the sprinkler repair personnel. Some areas were extracted twice, due to additional leaks being found when system was tested. Most equipment was removed within 3 days, harder to dry areas were complete 
with-in 6 days, but the school was able to continue with operating, around that equipment. 

Smoke Pressurized in Walls

We have all seen fire/smoke damage to a home, but do you know that smoke can pressurize inside the walls? This picture shows the smoke coming out of the wall around a receptacle. Sometimes it is the smoke you don't see that can do the most damage. There are instances where the walls need to be removed to remove the insulation that may be behind it. The insulation will trap and hold the smoke smell, which can make it difficult to deodorize.


This is a view of our SERVPRO fleet. We have two extracting units, a box van, cargo van, and marketing vehicles. We are always ready to handle any emergency you may have.


This is just one example of a service SERVPRO provides. This is called "floating" the carpet. Floating the carpet is accomplished by lifting the carpet and removing pad, if necessary, and then placing air movers as needed around the area to dry the carpet. We can salvage the carpet by floating, dependent on the type of loss.. If the carpet was contaminated by sewage or is delaminating due to age, the carpet would be removed.