Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Soot on Insulation

This was the aftermath of a furnace puff-back, which caused soot webs throughout the basement. SERVPRO removed all insulation due the insulation holding in the smoke odor and soot. This also helps to prevent future issues with possible re-sooting.

Remnants of an Extension Cord

This picture shows the remnants of an extension cord. The fire burned through the exterior step, melting the siding and caused soot to enter the home. SERVPRO was called in to perform a board up of the wall and to perform cleaning of the home.

Why Should You Keep Doors Closed?

This picture reflects why you should keep doors closed to rooms... The side of the door to the hallway has extensive smoke damage. Our customer had kept this door shut, which is a nursery. This prevented damage to the room. SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan was able to clean this room to preloss conditions. The remaining rooms in the home had to be restored through drywall installation, painting, etc.


This is a view of a soot web! We have many customers apologize for their "spider" webs when we arrive onsite. We explain to them that they are soot webs...The soot webs are a sure sign that the smoke traveled into that room. When there are soot webs, we hepa vacuum the area prior to cleaning. We will then either wash and rinse the area or use a dry chemical sponge,  depending on if its a flat paint or gloss paint, to clean the affected areas to ensure that the homeowner will return to a safe and clean environment.

If you see these soot webs, call SERVPRO of Columbia, Montour & Sullivan Counties at 570-759-0966.

Smoke Pressurized in Walls

We have all seen fire/smoke damage to a home, but do you know that smoke can pressurize inside the walls? This picture shows the smoke coming out of the wall around a receptacle. Sometimes it is the smoke you don't see that can do the most damage. There are instances where the walls need to be removed to remove the insulation that may be behind it. The insulation will trap and hold the smoke smell, which can make it difficult to deodorize.

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team, Berwick, PA

This is an overview of our setup at a Large Loss site that had a fire on September 18, 2013. Pictured is the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team. This loss is currently in progress as of October 21, 2013.